Who We Are

SmartLogix is a full-service software development team of designers, coders, and engineers that thrive on cloud competencies and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for its customers.

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What We Offer

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Data & AI

Empower your business with AI solutions that lower expenses, increase productivity, and revenue
Delight your employees and clients with personalized digital interactions and jaw-dropping experiences. Optimize business processes and supply chain with automated and clever optimizations. Transform your products and services,

Application Development & Integration

Over 10+ years experience and know how orchestrating complete and powerful IT solutions
From custom software development using the latest technology to business process automation, Smartlogix provides software development services to help you, and your business, build, maintain, and optimize custom enterprise solutions.

Resources (Staffing)

Solve your enterprise’s tech problems with one of our dedicated teams of engineers and IT staffing resources
Whether your needs are to manage day-to-day operations or deal with temporary staffing projects, Smartlogix provides and supervises high level, experienced, and tested resources across the IT personnel spectrum.

Industries We Serve


User friendly, HIPAA complaint and Patient-safe digital experiences that enable the healthcare industry worker to provide the best possible service.


Self-aware and productive POS and inventory pricing solutions that optimize and define the modern retail process.


Empower, and then watch your logistics operation run like a swiss watch with our custom reporting developments and AI asset optimizations.


Complement and extend the reach of your hospitality software and customer treatment with affordable and reliable technological platforms.


Handle huge amounts of data and optimize FinTech solutions with custom account centric finance solutions and deployable AI services.


Smart and intuitive software solutions that take infrastructure developers and construction contractors straight to the digital era.